Club Popozuda Mixtape #19 (JMAY)
(baile funk mix) 

mixed by


JMAY is a Brookly-based DJ, producer and party promoter. Alongside baile funk hero DJ Comrade, JMAY has held down the NYC budding baile funk/tropical club scene over the last few years sending many a Manhattan club and Brooklyn loft/warehouse/rooftop into a steamy frenzy. Holding residencies across the city of New York and producing his unique brand of Bmore, Baile Funk Electro, Moombahton, Afrobass, and Hip Hop, JMAY is quickly becoming a name to know in the world of tropical bass and urban club music. He just released his first club single EP featuring 77Klash with heavy weight remixers from Brooklyn, Rio, and Baltimore. 2011 brings a multitude of free EPs, singles and mixes to share with the world, his first tour, and a debut global bass album. So get listening and keep your ears open to this one!

01. DaftFunk - Sany Pitbull 
02. Buck Done Gone (JMAY’s BaileRave Remix) - M.I.A. 
03. Surfista do Pavao - El Negro Mozambique 
04. BaileBeatBox - JMAY 
05. Sedução Montagem - Munchi 
06. Pentada Violenta vs. Caspa Live ReStep - DJ Comrade 
07. Poison (KOJACK BaileFunk Edit) - Bel Biv Davoe 
08. Bonde Das Prostitutas (JMAY’s BrooklynBaileFunk Remix) - MC Marcelly 
09. Parapapa Underground - Guto de Almeida 
10. Kid Konga (Leo Justi Remix) - MC Miltinho 
11. Werk (JMAY’s BaileFunk Remix) - Cherie Lily 
12. Tambor Roll - Sany Pitbull 
13. Jonathan Plays The Corneta Wobbling Real Fast (Leo Justi Mashup) - Furucao 2000 vs. DJ Sega 
14. Vem Mulheres (JMAY’s Bailemore ReMash) - Mr Catra vs. Samir 
15. Fogo Power - DJ Comrade 
16. Vem na Fe (DJ Sandrinho) - Mr Catra e Bo do Caterina 
17. Pode Me Dar (KOJACK Remix) - Mr Catra 
18. Stickin’ (Guto de Almeida Edit) - Sonic C 
19. Sentadinha Na Pistola - DJ Comrade 
20. Rap Das Armas vs. Let the Bass Kick (Kassiano Mashup) - DJ Chuckie vs. Cinho & Doca 
21. Ide Rather Putaria- DJ Comrade 
22. Brooklyn Girls (Leo Justi Remix) - JMAY feat. 77Klash 
23. Fun Classic 1+2 - Guto de Almeida 
24. Bach Goes Baile Funk - Ophex 
25. NYC MegaMontagem - DJ Comrade 
26. Bubbler - Mandators

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